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Knights of Columbus

Council 909


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Welcome to the Knights of Columbus 909 web site!

Our web site is a contact point for all of you who are interested in Council 909. We are located at 1620 E Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You can contact the Knights by email at or by phone at 362-6931

Our hall NEWLY REMODELED HALL and Bar is available for rental for weddings, birthdays, reunions, business meetings and more.  Click on the Hall rental tab for pictures


   In support of our neighbor, Coe College, we've put an ad in this years football program.  In that ad, we've advertised $3.00 1/4lb chili dogs.  We'll serve them before, during and after, all Coe home football games.  More often, if they become popular.  An idea came up that we should have a chili cook off contest and whoever the winner is, we'll name the chili dog after them.  
   What we'd like to do is conduct the chili cook off this Wed at the card drawing.  Keep in mind, we're looking for chili that will go well with a hot dog.  If you're interested, please bring a sample/crock pot of your chili and we'll have small bowls on hand so all can be taste tested.  We'll have a container so everyone in attendance can vote on their favorite.  If your crock is the winner, please be prepared to provide the recipe and your name may go down in 909 history.
   For example, if GK Scott Mohwinkle brings in a sample and he get's the majority of the votes, they'll forever be referred to and advertised as " The Scott Mohwinkle Chili Dog"  

Hope to see you there, and sorry for the short notice but Coe Football starts Sat Sept 5th and we wanted time to prepare



August newsletter - Sunday, August 02, 2015



Knights of Columbus

Council 909


August 2015

In This Issue

·    Grand Knight’s Message

·    Tootsie Roll Drive

·    Hawkeye Raffle

·    Metro Catholic Outreach

·    Coral Isle Club

·    Insurance Message





Upcoming Events


General Meeting

August 4, 2015 @7pm


Tootsie Roll Drive

August 6-9, 2015


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

August 15, 2015


Hawkeye Raffle & Dinner

August 15, 2015


General Meeting

September 1, 2015 @7pm


General Meeting

October 6, 2015 @7pm










Council Officers


Grand Knight

Scott Mohwinkle



Father Ivan Nienhaus


Deputy Grand Knight Doug Kayser



Steve Dodson



Tom Fagan



Dennis Hrabek



Tom Flannery



Rick Gibbs


Inside Guard

Shane Leahy


Outside Guards

Nick Mohwinkle

Roger Ambrose



Charlie Osborn

Ryan Sullivan

Scott Shannahan


Financial Secretary Dennis Martin


Insurance Agent

Michael Bormann






Coral Isle Manager

Mickey Shannahan


1620 E Ave NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402




Grand Knight’s Message

I want to thank PGK Charlie Osborn for his service to our council and to all of our Brother Knights who help keep the council moving in the right direction.  As we go forward let us keep in the forefront of our minds the four pillars of the Knights of Columbus: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.


We have many opportunities as Knights to embrace the first pillar, Charity, whether it is volunteering time during a fundraiser, giving financial contributions to our causes, or helping our parishes and outreach programs.  It is great and honorable to help others who we may never meet that benefit from the works we do as Knights.  I applaud your efforts and congratulate you on a job well done.  Let us continue this to be recognized and remembered for the good works we do as Knights.


Encourage our Brothers to get involved. Invite them to do work alongside of you.  Together we can accomplish great things.


God Bless

Scott Mohwinkle

P.I.D. “Tootsie Roll” Drive

This year’s Tootsie Roll Drive will be held on August 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th.  The sign-up sheet is posted at the club. Please try to donate any amount of time that you can. Remember, Charity is one of the pillars of our organization and what better way to honor that than donating your time for this worthy cause.

This is the one big fundraiser we do annually where we need all Brother Knights on board to make it a success. I know Discovery Living and Special Olympics truly appreciate our contributions to help them continue on their mission.


The time slots are marked as 2 hour blocks, and although that’s what we prefer, if you can give an hour or half hour, it would help. This is a great opportunity for children who may need service hours and great way to involve your families.



Charlie Osborn & Francis Wulf


Iowa Hawkeye Football Ticket Raffle & Dinner

The Hawkeye Raffle date is fast approaching Saturday, August 15th.  Please sell as many tickets as possible as well as purchasing some for yourself at the chance to win 2 season tickets to see the Hawkeye football team in action.  There will be more tickets behind the bar at the club if you need them.  The proceeds go to support college scholarships to worthwhile Xavier students and also other charitable causes.


Dinner will be served at 5:30pm and will consist of Pork Loin, Party Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, and a dinner salad for $9.  The drawing will be held at 7:30pm.



Brad Ridout & Tom Flannery

Metro Catholic Outreach


Metro Catholic Outreach (MCO) provides referral resources, food and financial assistance to clients in our community.  MCO has a constant need for their food pantry.  Council 909 will be setting up a box down at the hall to collect food donations.  To learn more about MCO please visit their website:


Coral Isle Club 909

Stop down for some fellowship and fun.  Remember each Wednesday evening we hold the “card drawing” and serve donated food from members, friends and the club. As part of the Wednesday card drawing we ask that you consider bringing down a donation for the Metro Catholic Outreach. 


This Wednesday is the, "909 Chili Dog Contest

There will be a contest for members to bring down your best chili dog chili this Wednesday evening August 5, beginning at 5PM. Patrons will sample all chili recipes and vote on a favorite.  The winner will have the privilege of supplying the chili recipe and having the chili portion named after them.  

Insurance Message


Michael Bormann, General Agent of Northeast Iowa, will be Council 909’s contact for insurance questions or inquiries.  Michael can be contacted at:

Office (563)689-6801

Cell (563)357-7934