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Knights of Columbus

Council 909  

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Welcome to the Knights of Columbus 909 web site!

Our web site is a contact point for all of you who are interested in Council 909. We meet at the Coral Isle Club located at 1620 E Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You can contact the Knights by email at or by phone at 362-6931


June newsletter - Monday, May 30, 2016



Knights of Columbus

Council 909


                                                                                                                 June 2016

In This Issue

·    Grand Knight’s Message

·    2016-2017 Officers

·    Membership & Degrees

·    Tootsie Roll Drive

·    Scholarships & Hawkeye Raffle

·    Holy Family Icon

·    Past Grand Knights Dinner

·    Club 909


Upcoming Events


General Meeting &

Officers Election

June 7, 2016 @7:00pm


Installation of Officers

July TBD, 2016






















Council Officers


Grand Knight

Scott Mohwinkle



Father Ivan Nienhaus


Deputy Grand Knight Doug Kayser



Steve Dodson



Tom Fagan



Dennis Hrabek



Tom Flannery



Rick Gibbs


Inside Guard

Shane Leahy


Outside Guards

Nick Mohwinkle

Roger Ambrose



Charlie Osborn

Ryan Sullivan

Scott Shannahan


Financial Secretary Dennis Martin



General Agent

Michael Bormann





Club 909 Manager

Mickey Shannahan


1620 E Ave NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


Grand Knight’s Message

The month of June brings the end of our fraternal year.  I have to say the year has gone by fast with all the activities our council hosts and are involved with.  I would like to say thank you to our members for giving me the opportunity to lead our council this past year. Your support and involvement have been much appreciated. A special thank you to Deputy Grand Knight, Doug Kayser, for his assistance and involvement over this past year.


I am grateful for my wonderful wife, Karen.  Without her support I would not have been able to do any of this.  Karen kept our home base in order and shuttled our young kids around when I was absent with Knights business. Thank you!       


We will be voting in June on officers for the 2016-2017 year.  Our new officers will take their positions July 1st.  I am certain that they will do an excellent job leading our council!


God Bless

Scott Mohwinkle

2016-2017 Officers

Slate of Officers is below.  We will also take nominations from the floor.


Voting Officer Roles

Grand Knight - Doug Kayser

Inside Guard - Casey Duggan

Deputy Grand Knight – Francis Wulf

Outside Guard - Nick Mohwinkle

Chancellor - Steve Dodson

Outside Guard - Shane Leahy

Warden - Brian Freeberg

Treasurer - Dennis Hrabek

Advocate – Tom Flannery

Trustee 3 Year - Scott Mohwinkle

Recorder - Tom Fagan



Non-voting Officer Roles

Chaplin - Fr. Ivan Nienhaus

Trustee 2 Year - Charlie Osborn

Financial Secretary - Dennis Martin

Trustee 1 Year - Ryan Sullivan

Membership & Degrees

First Degree: Congratulations Council 909 for reaching the goal of 25 new & reinstated members!!  Continue to ask possible new candidates to join our ranks. Remember we have the capability to put on a degree during a non-meeting night.  Let’s continue to grow & strengthen our council!


Second & Third Degrees: At this time none are scheduled for our area.


Fourth Degree: There will be an opportunity to join October 8, 2016 at St. Joseph’s school in Marion.  This will be followed with a social and dinner at the Marion Council 5390.


Persons with Intellectual Disabilities “Tootsie Roll” Drive

This year’s Tootsie Roll Drive will be held on August 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th.  There is a sign-up sheet posted at the club. Please try to donate any amount of time that you can. Remember, Charity is one of the pillars of our organization and what better way to honor that than donating your time for this worthy cause. ~Francis Wulf


Scholarships & Upcoming Hawkeye Raffle

May was Graduation month and that meant scholarships were awarded to recipients at the Xavier Awards Ceremony on May 17th.  Brooke Alexander, Kayla Brady, Emily Worley, and Thomas Hasley were recognized with the distinction of receiving that honor presented by our Grand Knight, Scott Mohwinkle.


Since June is upon us, that means that you can also be expecting to receive your Hawkeye Raffle tickets in the mail towards the later part of June.  Ben Verhille is the new Chairman of this committee. Let's welcome him aboard with a record setting year by breaking the mark of 8,800 tickets sold in 2012! The Hawkeyes set records last year and we can do the same.  Please sell as many as possible as well as purchasing some for yourself at the chance to win 2 season tickets to see the Hawkeye football team in action.  There will be more tickets behind the bar at the club when you need them.  The winner will be drawn at the Raffle Dinner on Saturday, August 27th.  ~Brad Ridout

Holy Family Icon


The Holy Family Icon will be traveling through Iowa with each council hosting the icon for one week. Council 909 will have the Holy Family Icon from 6/11 – 6/22.  We will coordinate with our parishes to have it on display for daily and weekend Masses.

Past Grand Knights Dinner

Thank you to George Miller for organizing the PGKs dinner and a big thank you to Doug Kayser & Rick Gibbs for an excellent meal. Thank you to Casey Duggan for helping serve food and making the evening run smooth.  Thank you to all the PGKs that were able to attend the evening and share their memories.

Club 909 

Stop down and enjoy some fellowship.  With the nice weather, take advantage of our outdoor patio.


Club Events – There have been many events down at the club over the past month.  There are many to thank this past month. Ryan Sullivan & Scott Shannahan for cooking during Cinco De Biko, various food donations for Wednesday Card drawings.  Don & Bonnie Freeberg, Ryan Sullivan, Bill Cink, Phil Lala & Scott Shannahan helping Mickey with setting up and cleaning the hall for back to back events.